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2020 has been off to a great start for us here at Digital Dynasty. We have picked up a few new teams to help us get in a good position for the upcoming year.

Our first team we picked up was a Rainbow Six Siege team formally under the brand Team Emceee. They bring to the table a competitive drive, dedicated teamwork and overall a great team. We are currently competing in the WBPL league. CL quals and more to come.

Our next team we picked up was Overwatch. We started building this team late 2019 and feel like we are ready to compete in the Battlefly open division. Looking to see what great things come from this solid team.

We wanted to try something we haven’t before and felt it was time to give it a try. We picked up Nick “EVAC” Di Turi and he will be competing under Digital Dynasty in Tekken 7. Nick travels to a lot of LANS all over the USA. He is a great addition to the Dynasty family and look forward to seeing him at these events.

Our last game we are no stranger too. We are going back to one of our favorites with a new team just acquired under the game CSGO! We will be competing back in ESEA Main with our new roster and we are really excited for this one. Season starts next week!

We also started our stream team in which we picked up AceHunterTV a US veteran and a great person overall! More to come but be sure to check him out live on our site and on twitch!

We have 1 more team in the works and waiting on some final approvals, but we are back and looking to make 2020 a great year for the dynasty. Hope you enjoy the ride as we take you on it. All our teams and players can be found on the teams tab on the site. Be sure to follow them and show your support.