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With the new operation starting soon on rainbow six siege, we are being introduced to 2 new ops Kali and Wamai. Kali the new attacker will be sporting a new gun to siege and is a bolt-action rifle the CSRX 300. This new gun can penetrate 7 layers of “soft” walls with a single shot. Its gadget also can destroy almost all defensive gear which is sitting opposite of the reinforced wall. Kali is a combination between Glaz’s sniping, Thatcher’s disabling and Ash’s destruction. We are pretty sure we will be seeing a lot of her on the field.

The second new operator is Wamai and he will be on the defending side. He brings to the table a MAG-NET in which his device grabs the grenades out of the air from a distance and then resets its fuze to detonate from where the device pulled it from. He is meant to be an alternative to Jager.

We are excited to try the new operators out and see how they change the meta for this upcoming. They are live on the TTS now! Let us know what you think about them.